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M SPA: Nature’s embrace allowing serenity to reset your rhythms

Harness the rejuvenation power of plants from the nature of the universe. Since ancient history, natural plants have endowed individuals with health and beauty. Gifted from the grace of nature, M Spa believes the power of nature ever since its presence. Exploring continuously and researching from the nature, various plant recipes have been developed to restore health and skin’s health and balance. M Spa invites you to experience the unity of nature and individuals.

A green fresh blend helps purifying the body and mind.

Cypress relieves tiredness whist cedar helps soothing and relaxing.


Natural essential oils used in M Spa collections are supplied by Bontoux Chateau, an experience essential oil extraction company with more than a hundred years of history in the industry.

Energy Booster


Our Natural Essential Oils is…

Imported from France produced by Bontoux Chateau

  • To soothe, restore and calm your mind and soul and relieve depression

  • To give you a refresh and purify touch

  • Able to help detox, purify, and balance your head and body and relieve fatigue

Our Formulation Promise

• No Parabens

• No DEA

• No TEA

• No Phthalates

• No Mineral Oils

• No SLS

In many agricultural processes, straw is treated merely as the agricultural waste that remains after grain or juice is extracted from crops. However straw is a valuable resource that can be transformed into disposable products like plates, bowls, toothbrush and combs. 

Benefits of Wheat Straw: 

• Sturdy and strong 

• Microwave and freezer safe 

• Non- allergic and gluten-free 

• Fully compostable 

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