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Nature is the cradle of humanity but centuries after centuries, the human beings came to claim their autonomy and while more and more controlling it, gave up and even lost most of its benefits.

Why choosing a Vegan skincare brand? 


Vegan Products are more gentle for the skin: By using natural ingredients and essential oils, vegan skincare products are more gentle for the skin. By skipping animal-derived ingredients, you are not only avoiding cruel methods, you are also preventing your skin from the pesticide exposure.

A new Eco Friendly brand 


Designed in Australia and promoting the love of earth, Erutan is a range of products composed of natural ingredients carefully selected. 

Following Albert Einstein who recommended “Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better”, an increasing number of persons advocate the “back to nature”.

Product Range 



Erutan‘s shampoo contains Provitamin B5 , which provides the supplement nutrition and hydration for hair. It repairs the damaged hair and improves their strength. The shampoo nourishes and pamper your hair gently. 



The conditioner contains Provitamin B5. It regulates the moisture level and provides nutrition. It improves the strength of the hair and will make it look shiny and silky. 

Bath Gel 

The bath gel will purify your skin and perfume it with green tea and jasmine scents. 


Body Lotion 

Blended with olive oil, almond oil, shea butter and a variety of botanical oils, the lotion procures a rich hydration and prevents the skin from irritation and dryness. It will leave it radiant and soft.


This Vegetable base Soap does not contain detergents and is biodegradable. The Glycerin will moisturize your skin and this unique beauty bar, using green tea and jasmine fragrance, will offer the best supplements available anywhere. 

Green Tea & Jasmine Fragrance 
Stone paper - a great eco-friendly alternative 


  • Easily degradable in natural environments and able to be recycled after being burned or smashed. 

  • Completely waterproof and grease resistant, stone paper is a better option compared to common paper due to its insect resistant, flexural endurance and tear resistant features. 

  • A natural product manufactured from calcium carbonate, CaCO3, powder using proprietary additives as a bonding agent. 

  • 100% tree free, acid free, soda free, decolorizer free and water free during its production process. 

  • It does not generates any water and gas harmful to the environment.

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