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AQUA-ECO Concept


We care for our people, that’s why we care for the earth; We create eco-friendly products to protect our environment

AQUA-ECO Background


World Environment Day’s objective is to have MANY SPECIES·ONE PLANET·ONE FUTURE;

Our goal is to produce our products with low carbon and emission for a  greener life


Energy conservation and low carbon footprint is concerned from people all around the world. Ming Fai is the pioneer of green amenities in the hotel industry. As an international corporation who cares for people and our earth, Ming Fai is responsible in protecting our environment and contributes to our environment by providing more eco-friendly products. This time, with our upgraded technology and innovation, we have successfully launched a new green series  “Aqua ECO Series”.


AQUA-ECO Mission

To protect the earth ; reduce footprint to the environment

Think Green, Act Green
ECO VLG characteristics
  1. Natural: Liquids are formulated with Natural Plant Extracts, Plant Oils, and soap are made from organic plant based ingredients.

  2. Biodegradable: All plastic accessories and packagings are made biodegradable with Eco Pure, and printed with soy ink.

  3. We claim practically green on each packaging:

  • Toothbrush : Turning off the  faucet while brushing your teeth

  • Liquid: Turning off the  faucet  while applying shampoo

  • Turning off the  faucet while applying conditioner

  • Turning off the  faucet  while applying shower gel

  • Turning off the  faucet  while applying lotion

  • Turning off the  faucet  while you shave

Natural Ingredients
Proven to be
  1. Natural plant oil and extracts are used:

  2. Algae Extracts, moss and carrageenan, Aloe Vera

  3. Free of GMO (Genetically modified) Ingredients

  4. No mineral oils and Petrolatum added

  5. Paraben Free Preservatives

  6. Against Animal Testing

  7. Used 100% recycled paper

  8. Printed with Soy-ink

Biodegradable – ECO Pure Additive

Recycling with Eco Pure Polylactic Acid (PLA) materials contaminate recycling streams and are extremely difficult to separate from other materials (e.g. PET). Starch based and oco-degradable resins also contaminate the recycling stream, they also have shelf lives which restrict the use in particular market segments. Eco Pure maintains the same molecular weight of PET, PP, HDPE and LDPE so therefore can be recycled.

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