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EcoFriendlyBrands platform has been created to share our willing to contribute to a better world. You will be able to find our eco-friendly commitment and green-living initiatives.




To become an international enterprise specialized in travel amenities with peerless quality and be the first choice of customers.

  1. To provide customers with quality products and services. 

  2. To create maximum value for customers, shareholders and business partners.

  3. To develop and materialize staff potential and career.

  4. To support ecology and environment for sustainable development

  • Integrity first

  • Customer-oriented

  • Unity for all wins

  • Innovation and adaptation

  • Open and proactive 

  • Ploughing back to society

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  • Twitter Clean
Our commitment


The Group is engaged in the manufacturing of travel amenity products, which is closely related to environmental protection and usage of natural resources. Adhering to the goal of sustainable development and operation, the Group has formulated a series of management policies, mechanism and measures regarding environmental and natural resources protection.


The Group strives to enhance the efficiency in the usage of energy, water resources and materials, while also complying with relevant environmental laws and regulations and international general practices in our areas of business operation, with an aim to reduce the use of natural resources and protect the environment. The actions taken are aligned with international standards, including the implementation of greenhouse gas emission inspection work, waste reduction and waste classification and recycling, and energy conservation and reduction in factories with high energy consumption levels.

Product quality and safety are vital to an enterprise


As an enterprise with strong sense of social responsibility, the Group has been accredited with the ISO9001 Quality Management System as early as in 1998, and subsequently accredited with the ISO13485 Medical Devices — Quality Management Systems, ISO22716 Cosmetics — Good Manufacturing Practices, Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines published by U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practice of Cosmetic Products published by Council of Europe, and made reference to the Product Quality Law of the PRC, thereby fully guaranteeing our products from raw material procurement, production process, the final product testing as well as warehousing and logistics, forming a comprehensive quality monitoring system.


The Group was also accredited with ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems, FSC certification, ECOCERT, EU Ecolabel certification, and Hong Kong Green Label. Meanwhile, regarding the environmental consideration and demand on environmental products by end users, we are continuously enhancing our own research and development capability, and provide Plastarch Material, a degradable environmental friendly material for use. In addition, the customers can choose to add environmental friendly additives in the packaging, or they can choose to use the environmental friendly materials in design and packaging.


The Group has even established a chemical microbiology laboratory with international leading technology. Heavy investment was made to introduce German and Japanese high-end research and development testing equipment, such as Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, Gas Chromatography and High-performance Liquid Chromatography, which further guarantee the validity of product research and development and testing.


The Group adopted RO-CEDI (reverse osmosis continuous electrodeionization) pure water purification system on the whole production of cosmetic products to achieve good water quality, low electrical conductivity and disinfecting effect. The Group implement strict water quality internal control process, we take samples everyday from system outlets and each water tap for inspection.


The Group has also established a legal committee which is responsible for monitoring potential legal risks from the process of design to after sale of products. We have formulated the “Quality Incidents Identification and Reporting Procedures” and “Simulated Recall Management Procedures” in the course of our daily operation, which facilitate proper handling of possible products’ quality and safety accidents as well as their compliance

Product Quality And Safety


For cleaning products, such as body wash, shampoo, conditioner;

  • Adopting biodegradable ingredient;

  • We can provide a variety of natural extracts, natural essential oils, allergen-free fragrance or raw materials with patented technology to our customers, which they can claim on the product label as selling point.


For skin care products, such as body lotion, cream;

  • With Natural vegetable oil;

  • We can provide a variety of natural extracts, natural essential oils, allergen-free fragrance or raw materials with patented technology to our customers, which they can claim on the product label as selling point.

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